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Tom's Thoughts this week...(20210226)

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

This week on our blog...

Do you care about your employees? You spent hours working together each day, so of course you do! Finding a great team doesn't come without effort though. The recruitment process should be thoroughly planned so the business can continue to run smoothly after someone new is hired. Take 6 minutes to learn how to recruit with love. READ MORE

This week on our podcast...

On this episode of the Maximize Business Value Podcast, host Tom Bronson chats with LeiLani Quiray, founder and CEO of Be the Change HR. LeiLani’s recent shift to an on-the-road HR approach has been an opportunity for her to road trip around the country to work directly with her peers and clients. The two discuss the company’s social enterprise structure and philanthropic endeavors and successes. LeiLani’s core values play a huge role in her unique and fun approach to human resource strategies. Listen now to learn the importance of a fun HR atmosphere! Hope you catch it here or watch us on youtube. No time to listen, here is the transcript.


This week on my screen and on my mind...

Important Transition Documents! LINK Transitioning a business can be stressful - especially if you've never done it before! While it's important to seek professional advice, here is a great overview of one of the documents common to any business transition - a purchase agreement - from our friends at Live Oak Bank.

New Spots in our MasterYclass! LINK We'll be starting a new Maximize Business Value MasterYclass in the spring! Learn more about this amazing program here! SNOW-vid in Texas! While the rest of the country has been dealing with the effects of COVID - for those of us in the south central part of the country, we had a new challenge appear last week - SNOW-vid. Who knew that you could turn the Tropical Paradise of a Texas backyard into a Winter Wonderland - complete with an ice skating rink? (I decided not to test it...)




Whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you maximize business value:

  1. Order my book Maximize Business Value, Begin with the Exit in Mind.  It provides the roadmap business owners need to start moving toward a successful transition. 

  2. Stay connected! Subscribe to my blog and podcast, follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Stay current on what’s happening with today’s trends.  Not sure how to do that? Click here for a guide. 

  3. Reach out! I love helping solve business challenges!  Let’s chat!  SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME if you want to better understand how we can help you maximize your business value or really anything else. 

Hope you are safe and maximizing business value!

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