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Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve the Value of Your Business

60 minutes | 4 hour workshop | all day workshop

Business owners will have a much clearer understanding of how buyers value businesses, whether an intergenerational transfer, a partnership or management buy out, an ESOP, a liquidation, or a sale to a strategic or financial third party. Each of these methods value businesses differently, and attendees will walk away armed with knowledge that will help them sort out the various options available to them as business owners.

Lightbulbs swinging over the word innovation

Creating a Culture of Innovation

60 minutes | 4 hour workshop | all day workshop

Creating a Culture of Innovation takes a look into the ingredients it takes to have a company environment that is inventive and on the leading-edge.  Tom dives into the process of innovation and the leader's role in that process. He also goes into the details of creativity vs. innovation.  This interactive presentation is great for groups of any size from executive teams to conferences.

Exit Strategy is Good Business Strategy.

Exit Strategy is Good Business Strategy 

60 minutes | 4 hour workshop | all day workshop

This awesome presentation is based on Tom's book,  " Maximize Business Value, begin with the EXIT in mind." Most business owners don't want to even talk about or even mention the "e-word" when it comes to their business. Tom's mission is to educate, prepare and convince business owners why an exit strategy is just good business strategy.  Business owners will walk away with key insights and thought-provoking questions surrounding transitioning their business on their terms.

navigating a board without losing contro

Navigating a Board without Losing Control

60 minutes

Business owners and executives will appreciate the wisdom and real-life stories peppered in this presentation on how to manage a board without losing your mind. Tom delves into all kinds of board service from volunteer to corporate boards and how to keep from "losing it" when managing a board.

Buying Companies is Easy

60 minutes

In this presentation, Tom walks through the lessons learned during his company's roll-up journey. Gain valuable wisdom as Tom outlines in great detail what to do if you are interested in orchestrating a roll-up.

change starts at the top

Change Starts at the Top, which is not where you think it is

60 minutes

Tom shares his views on effective leadership including how to effectively and efficiently solve your company's problems and how to create a culture of empowerment through change.  This presentation will flip your world upside down on how change happens in an organization.

How to Build Your Business in the Channel

60 minutes

This specialized presentation walks through an ISV's perspective on how to build your business in the channel.

Strategic Planning Session

4 hour workshop | all day workshop

Tom has a refined process to help your team strategically plan their year, project, or whatever to get results.  His team approach pulls the weeds of distraction to hone in on clear goals of what needs or wants to be achieved by the group.  After the session, each attendee leaves with a clear roadmap of what needs to be accomplished and how.

You Tell Me

60 minutes | 4 hour workshop | all day workshop

Give me a topic and I can create a presentation for it.  I have the gift of gab and storytelling and as my wife and friends will tell you, I can talk about anything. With over 30 years of experience in business ownership, as an executive and as a dad, there is a wide range of topics I would love to explore with you. Reach out and let's discuss what you need.


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