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Tom's Thoughts This Week 05292020


This week on our podcast

I am so excited for you to listen to this week’s Maximize Business Value Podcast! We all recognize a lack of alignment in an organization causes problems, right? The inability to effectively handle high-stakes conversations costs business owners and companies an enormous amount of time, money, and lots of collateral damage. Our special guest is Susan Steinbrecher, author of 3 great leadership books and CEO of Steinbrecher and Associates, Inc. - a management consulting firm that provides professional development services in the areas of executive coaching, group facilitation, and leadership training. Susan gives practical steps and processes on how to navigate those difficult conversations as outlined in her latest book, Meaningful Alignment, plus a whole lot more. She also shares a free tool to gauge how well you handle emotionally charged, high-stake conversations. Take the Interpersonal Dialogue Profile assessment by visiting Susan’s website: I took it. It got me 100% right. Check it out! No time to listen or watch the video? No problem, get the transcript right now!


This week on our blog

Why leadership development is a lifestyle and not an event. There are tons of great books about leadership. A quick search on Amazon for books on leadership returns more than 60,000 titles...READ MORE


This week on my screen and on my mind

What’s the Deal with Private Equity? LINK

This article is from Bulkley Capital.

Private Equity Turns To Performance-Based Metrics To Get Deals Done LINK

Mid-sized firms are using earn-out provisions to find a middle between buyers and sellers amid COVID-19 uncertainty.

2020 RSPA POS Channel KPI Study Addendum LINK

RSPA commissioned a snap poll in mid-May in an effort to help our community better understand the expected impact of COVID-19.



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Hope you are safe and maximizing business value!


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