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Tom's Thoughts this week...(20200821)

This week on our blog...

Owning a business is full of risks, otherwise everyone would do it! You can't avoid risks in business but you can mitigate them. In my latest blog, I take you through some of the more common risks and ways to lessen their sting. So, stop right now, and take the next 3 minutes to read this blog and then the next 27 minutes thinking about the risks in your business and what to do about them. Use the chart in this blog, and highlight the ones that would have the most impact, and develop a plan to reduce or eliminate that risk. You can also download our ebook on risks in your blind spot, or call on me if you get stuck. Identify the risks - you’ll be glad you did, and your business will be worth more once you’ve mitigated them.  READ MORE


This week on our podcast...

When it comes to risks, what you don’t know can hurt you and for business owners, the stakes are even higher. In this week’s Maximize Business Value podcast, I talk about some of the common risks that affect business owners and how to mitigate them. Dealing with risks is a surefire way to #maximizebusinessvalue. Hope you catch it here or watch us on youtube. The video is recommended. No time to read, here is the transcript.


This week on my screen and on my mind...

RSPA Academy Symposium - Register today! LINK

If you were thinking about signing up, today is the last day to register. I will be speaking at RSPA Academy Online Education Symposium on August 26 and 27th. They have a great line-up and the value is tremendous - $79. Hope you join me.  Register here: link

FAMILY BUSINESS: Hiring and Working with Family  LINK

Working with family has its challenges - but if you do it right, it can also be rewarding! Thanks to my friend Shei Unger with Northern Trust for sharing this article on linked in.

Do You Know Your Talent Pool?  LINK

Our good friends at HR Catalyst just keep cranking out greatness! “Do you know who the top and bottom performing 10% of your employee workforce is?” Take a deeper dive in this blog.

21 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve the Value of Your Business Webinar  REGISTER NOW

If you missed our webinar this week, shame on you! But, the good news is that we're starting a monthly free webinar series just for you! Click the link to save your spot!   




Whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you maximize business value:

  1. Order my book Maximize Business Value, Begin with the Exit in Mind.  It provides the roadmap business owners need to start moving toward a successful transition. 

  2. Stay connected! Subscribe to my blog and podcast, follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Stay current on what’s happening with today’s trends.  Not sure how to do that? Click here for a guide. 

  3. Reach out! I love helping solve business challenges!  Let’s chat!  SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME if you want to better understand how we can help you maximize your business value or really anything else. 

Hope you are safe and maximizing business value!

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