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Tom's Thoughts this week...(20200904)

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This week on our blog...

I bet I have read almost every book that has been written on the topic of sales. Some I agree with and some... not so much. But this book, "The Mindset of a Sales Warrior" by Jason Forrest, is really good. So for my blog this week, I highlight a few of the 42 characteristics Jason lays out in his book but with my own spin on it. Check it out and then go listen to the Maximize Business Value podcast where Jason is my guest. Think about your mindset towards selling or toward the selling professionals that work for you. That is the way to #maximizebusinessvalue. READ MORE


This week on our podcast...

Jason Forrest from Forrest Performance Group joins us this week on the Maximize Business Value podcast to talk about his successful sales and training techniques including the 4 traits to look for in hiring a salesperson, using the NLP method and winning sales formulas. Sales and growth are the primary drivers of business value. When your sales engine is running swell, it helps you maximize your business value. Listen in and learn how to turbo- boost the sales engine in your organization. You can get a free copy of the book “The Mindset of A Sales Warrior” by visiting - you just pay shipping and handling. Hope you catch it here or watch us on youtube. The video is recommended. No time to read, here is the transcript.


This week on my screen and on my mind...

Check out our new StoryBrand Website LINK

Well, we took our own advice and "StoryBranded" our website. Please take a look and let me know what you think! As we have learned from Donald Miller, our website is always evolving and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

6 Signs It's Time to Retire LINK

How will business owners know it's time to retire? Our friend Kelly Kunst, partner at GS Wealth Management, referred to this article late last week. It's a short read and 6 points to think about. . .

Business Pros Webinar LINK

If you want some great insights into driving business value, don't forget to register for the Business Pros upcoming webinar where I'll join my friends Larry Lane and Dan Vermeire.




Whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you maximize business value:

  1. Order my book Maximize Business Value, Begin with the Exit in Mind.  It provides the roadmap business owners need to start moving toward a successful transition. 

  2. Stay connected! Subscribe to my blog and podcast, follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Stay current on what’s happening with today’s trends.  Not sure how to do that? Click here for a guide. 

  3. Reach out! I love helping solve business challenges!  Let’s chat!  SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME if you want to better understand how we can help you maximize your business value or really anything else. 

Hope you are safe and maximizing business value!

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