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Tom's Thoughts this week...(20201031)

This week on our blog...

Man, are we lucky! Not only was Bob Gibbons, CEO of REATA Commercial Realty, on our podcast this week, he also wrote our blog. And it is FANTASTIC! It is about COVID and its effect on the DFW office market. Bob shares good data and real-life examples as well as his predictions and advice for office tenants. He gives excellent advice and it is a must-read! Don't put your business value in jeopardy by not knowing your options when it comes to real estate. READ MORE


This week on our podcast...

What does real estate have to do with business value? Plenty. At Mastery Partners, we help business owners maximize business value in all areas - including real estate. In this week's Maximize Business Value Podcast, Bob Gibbons, CEO of REATA Commercial Realty joins us to discuss the state of the real estate market and ways business owners can improve the value of their business when negotiating leases or purchasing commercial real estate. This podcast is so informative and full of value - it is a must listen! Hope you catch it here or watch us on youtube. No time to read, here is the transcript.


This week on my screen and on my mind...

VIDEO - What All Successful People Have in Common LINK

Have you ever wondered what's the one thing that all successful people have in common? Here's a great short video from the creator of StoryBrand that boils it down to the "one thing." (3 minute video)

How to Get Remote Workers to Care About Your Business as Much as You Do LINK

Here's a great article from Entrepreneur on engaging remote employees - definitely a hot topic right now!

On the lighter side... My good friend and amazing career transitions coach Brad Smith posted this pic on LinkedIn this week with the caption: I just bought a Log Cabin Home from Ikea! To which I replied that the box contained a 3x6 index card with step by step assembly instructions using only drawings... Thought you'd enjoy a laugh to end this week! How would you caption this photo? Let me know.




Whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you maximize business value:

  1. Order my book Maximize Business Value, Begin with the Exit in Mind.  It provides the roadmap business owners need to start moving toward a successful transition. 

  2. Stay connected! Subscribe to my blog and podcast, follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Stay current on what’s happening with today’s trends.  Not sure how to do that? Click here for a guide. 

  3. Reach out! I love helping solve business challenges!  Let’s chat!  SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME if you want to better understand how we can help you maximize your business value or really anything else. 

Hope you are safe and maximizing business value!

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