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Tom's Thoughts this week...(20201127)

This week on our blog...

Whether times in your world or in your business are great or not-so-great, your mindset as a leader is crucial. I visited with my good friend, Rich Cavaness on Monday about "the gratitude effect" on the Maximize Business Value podcast. In our blog this week, Rich (our guest blogger) continues on the gratitude theme and shows us the huge ROI on gratitude and its impact on company cultures and business value. "Recognition can be an invaluable source of motivation and subsequently inspire people to do their best work." Check out the 5 things you should consider before you show your gratitude.


This week on our podcast...

Are you settling in life and in business for mediocrity and look at life from a glass ½ empty perspective? Do you feel frustrated by your mental, emotional, and physical energy levels because they are not where you want them to be? My guest this week on the Maximize Business Value Podcast is business owner and author of The Gratitude Effect - Rich Cavaness. Rich and I discuss how shifting your mindset, optimizing your outcomes, and boosting emotional well-being impact you and your business value. An attitude of gratitude can have a tremendous effect on productivity and achieving your goals. Listen to learn about the importance of gratitude in your business all year long! Hope you catch it here or watch us on youtube. No time to read, here is the transcript.


This week on my screen and on my mind...

Escape Mediocrity, 20 Things You Can Do This Week LINK

On Rich Cavaness's website, there is a great video on 20 things you can do this week to escape mediocrity. Rich talks about the traits of high achievers. One of the traits is personal development - spending 30 minutes daily on improving yourself. This video not only checks that box but brings us insight and clarity on what we all need to be doing to achieve and to be successful.

The Gratitude Effect LINK

Let's keep the gratitude momentum going! Join me on the 66 Day Gratitude Challenge. This challenge is outlined in Rick Cavaness's great book, The Gratitude Effect. Get the book and let's do this challenge together! This is a great way to end 2020 and begin 2021. Email me if you need some help or ideas of things to be grateful for and hey, let me know if you are joining.

Turkey Talk - the finale!

The turkey was delicious! So grateful to be able to enjoy it with family and friends. Hope you and yours had a wonderful day together giving thanks and being grateful. I know I did. Happy Thanksgiving!




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